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 Hot Lunch Order Form

February 2018

Brickell Preschool of the Arts offers a monthly hot lunch program. We serve nutritious meals as per the menu plan attached. Drinks and snacks will be provided to all children regardless of Hot Lunch Program.


Please note the following:

 ·      Lunch will be served every school day during the entire month.
 ·      Lunch is ordered on a monthly basis for the entire month, based on a cost of $5.00 per day. The cost for the month of February is $95
·      Payment must be made in advance for the entire month.
·      We will not be able to give compensation or make exchanges for missed days.
·      We will not be able to accommodate Lunch if your child is not on the Monthly Schedule.

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Number of Children

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 $900 - Per Child for the Whole Year 



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